Dansk Sintermetal A/S provide support during the entire process chain starting from your component design, to tool design for compacting and sintering and aftercare.

  • We would like to support you as early as possible in the development stage so we can obtain the full benefits of powder compaction and thus hold down costs.  
  • Seek our support when you are looking for an alternative manufacturing process to reduce costs at an existing component. 
  • Easy acces to a personal conversation. We offer our support in both English and German. 
  • We also offer a technical presentation of  the advantages by using sintered components for your development department.

A contact with Dansk Sintermetal A/S is a contact with many years of experience, technological consultancy at a high level and a production set-up with the resources needed for major series production and flexibility for the small specialist production run.

Are you in a need for components with high strength or components in Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) you have come to the right place.

Our many years of experience is based on coorporation with renowned customers in the European Industries.